Randy Schaetzke, D.C., D.I.B.A.K.

Dr. Schaetzke decided to peruse a career as a chiropractor when he was 15years old. He had injured his back on a high bar he had installed between two trees and subsequently needed a chiropractor’s services. This intrigued him enough that he sent for information on schools. Having set a straight course to go to chiropractic school he obtained all the premed courses required by attending local colleges in the Worcester MA. area. He graduated from the Columbia Institute of Chiropractic (now New York Chiropractic College) in 1976. He practiced in Orleans, MA. (Cape Cod) for 17 years before moving to Quechee VT in 1995. He has been active in the community as having served on the chamber of commerce board for numerous years and participating in running the Quechee balloon festival.


I am Gus, beloved dog and friend here at the office, on most days. I love you!