“I had been experiencing severe depression ever since I got in a car accident a while back. No one was able to help me other than suggesting I pump myself with drugs. Randy discovered that it stemmed from my gut health and gave me a natural charcoal supplement. I immediately noticed a difference and now I don’t go without the supplement! Thanks Randy! Who would have known?” –D

Fatigue Conditions

“Dr. Schaetzke has worked with me to address degenerative disc disease, adrenal issues and more. My pain has decreased, my understanding of what’s happening has increased and I feel supported by a dedicated medical care professional. When’s the last time you could say those things about your doctor?” –A


“Randy, thanks so much for taking the time to explore the fatigue issue I’ve been dealing with off and on for the past few months. I’m amazed and dazed by how good and normal I feel since you maneuvered my neck. My wife noticed my rejuvenated energy as soon as I came up my front steps. Thanks for getting my head on straight!” –K


“I was really sick. Extreme thirst, migraine headaches, and pain shooting down my left arm and leg. After two weeks it only got worse, constant stomach ache, tired, weak and couldn’t even get out of bed without help. My doctor along with specialists ordered MRI’s, CT’s, ultrasounds. blood tests, and urine tests. Over all I had spent $12,000 and after all that they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I was so scared and so sick, and so alone…They told me that all they could surmise was that it was chronic fatigue and I needed to find someone to help me accept the fact that I would have to live like this for the rest of my life. Then skeptically I came to Dr. Randy. He did his tests and we talked a long time. Every doctor I had talked to said I had an immunity problem but didn’t know specifically what. Randy was very specific and said it was my thymus. He gave me “Thymex” a Standard Process supplement and within 2 days I finally had relief. Within a week you couldn’t even tell that I had ever been sick! It is a gift to have health again, thank you Dr. Randy!” –J

Gut Intestinal Issues

“I just wanted to report in on results of our two sessions together in late September. The bottom line is remarkable success! On January 2, I had an incident of traumatic gut pain aboard a yacht in the British Virgin Islands. In the following 9 months, I experienced daily stomach discomfort with varying symptoms, developed MRI observed mesenteric panniculitis, and suffered below abdomen pain particularly hours after use of alcohol or digestion of excess sugar. In search of answers, I had 2 ER visits, 2 CT scans, 3 MRI exams, 1 endoscopy, 1 colonoscopy and endless consultations with 2 internists, 3 gastroenterologists and 1 urologist. Hospitals involved were Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville) and Mary Hitchcock. Not one of these conventional medical resources gave a credence that I could have a parasite. Over the summer, I made progress with Caroline Craig in WRJ, VT. Her field … visceral manipulation. Symptoms eased, but they were consistently present. And then in September, my Quechee, VT chiropractor tried a “pelvic adjustment” and used kinesiology to identify the probable presence of a parasite and the likelihood that the use of wormwood would drive this parasite out of my body. Randy, three days after using wormwood 3 x per day, I felt better. After a 10-day course of supplements, I reintroduced wine and beer to my diet with no ill effect. For over 30 days now, I have had no lower abdomen pain and very little stomach discomfort. I am just now completing my second 10-day (and final) course of wormwood supplements. After a nine-month detour, I feel like myself again. As I should be, I am a very thankful man. Thanks for being the healer that you are!
With deepest appreciation and kindest regards,” –L

Back Pain

“I was seeing a chiropractor in NH for a sports injury. She told me my muscles were just too tight and that was causing the pain radiating on the left side of my body. I saw her twice for help and each time 1 left her I felt in equal or more pain. I then moved to VT and my neighbor referred me to Dr. Schaetzke’s office. Their whole family was being treated by him and were just beaming about their experiences. So. 1 went to his office with my reservations and with doubts that I would ever find someone who could help me and relief the pain that I had been in for over a month. We sat down, he asked me a couple questions, then ran a few muscle tests and he figured out that not only did I need two specific adjustments, but that I had a sprain in my hamstring and damage to a tendon in my back. He fixed me up and told me what I needed to do to recover and I was completely out of pain after just two visits. I fully recommend that anyone who is in need of a chiropractor or wholistic doctor see Dr. Schaetzke, I know you are probably skeptical and for good reason, but trust me. He helped me; I am confident that he can help you as well.” – S

Shoulder, Knee, Neck, Hip, and Foot Pain

“This is an excellent chiropractic office. In 2015 I had an x-ray of my spine taken at a major medical facility in this area. Two weeks ago. in Dr. Schaetzke’s office, was the first time anyone went over it with me. Dr. Schaetzke is very thorough and his treatment is amazing. This is the first time in almost 20 years that I have no pain in my neck. I initially went there because I was told by a PA that I had Sciatica as my left leg has been giving out on me when I run. With some adjustments Dr. Schaetzke has made these episodes become very infrequent. I am a believer:)” –S

“My knees have given me problems since I was a teenager. An orthopedic surgeon could find nothing wrong with them and put me on medication for arthritis. Dr. Schaetzke traced the problem to my lower back, and within a few months of seeing him regularly for adjustments the pain in my knees was gone.” –B


“Having suffered neck and back injuries from a rear-ending collision with pain that medication would not touch. I decided to consider chiropractic care. Dr. Randy was excellent in explaining his care and was gentle the first visit considering my apprehension. After just a few visits of muscle work and adjustments, my neck and back are feeling almost as good as before the accident and I have faith that with a few more visits I’ll be as good as new! Definitely recommend Dr. Randy!” –C


“When I first came to see Randy, I was an emotional and physical wreck. I think I cried in his office at every appointment. Turns out that I had adrenal fatigue as the root cause so Randy helped me get on a plan to balance that and it also balanced out my menstrual cycle. Now I am able to think clearly without my feelings getting in my way. Thank you Randy!” –K