America’s Carbo Addiction

Fatigue Part 4

Ever go to the local corner store looking of for a food fix? What you’ll find is junk, carbohydrates and more junk; unless you’re going to call that bag of peanuts food there is not much nourishing food available. While you’re in the store getting you newspaper watch what other are buying. Then look at the people buying the so-called food. What do they look like? What I’ve noticed is that those who work physically hard can handle the carbo-junk better than the person who sits at a desk. It’s sort of similar to putting pine log on a very hot fire. It will burn up with out much concern. Place the same pine log on a slow smoldering fire and you get smoke, soot and not much heat. Well, your body works very similar.

Carbohydrates, when metabolized poorly will wreak havoc with your entire body. A few of the many symptoms include; brain fog, fatigue, sleepiness, depression, muscle weakness, and weight gain. By poorly metabolized I mean, anything from reactive insulin and hypoglycemia to wheat, gluten and dairy allergies. By the way these conditions are extremely common and only the symptoms get treated by many a practitioners in the health fields.

A simple way to think to prevent this typical American problem is to stick to this simplistic rule, which is: Don’t eat anything white! That’s right no dairy, wheat, or sugar. That will cut out a lot of typical foods from your diet. So, try it what do you have to loose accept your symptoms.

Randy Schaetzke, D.C., D.I.B.A.K.

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