Brain on Fire, Body on Fire

Brain on Fire, Body on Fire 

For over 5000 years, Chinese and Ayuvedic medicine has valued Turmeric for its beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin is the active compound in Turmeric. However, one of curcumin’s disadvantages is that it cannot be fully absorbed by our body. Sure, you can ingest it with your food until you reek of Turmeric. Some companies add black pepper to assist in curcumin’s absorption. Unfortunately, this falls short of being effective.

Let’s face it, INFLAMATION is the enemy of health and longevity. But how do you know if your blood vessels or brain is inflamed? One way is to do a Brain Span test which will tell you how your cellular inflammation state is as well as measure cognitive function. I have the tests priced here so anyone can get this valuable information.

MediHerb company via Standard Process has developed a Turmeric that is combined with Fenugreek seeds. It is this extracted combination that delivers a 24.8 TIMES the bioavailabity of and equivalent amount of unformulated curcuminoids. HINT: since Turmeric is fat soluble ingesting a little fat with Turmeric will assist in absorption.

I personally asked the developer of the product, Professor Kerry Bone at a recent presentation he was giving, “does this really cross the blood brain barrier?” his answer was a definitive “YES”.  Do you realize what this means? Now we can potentially reduce or mitigate the effects of neuro degeneration thus effecting your brain, eyes, joints, digestion and liver function. I did a PUB Med search and Turmeric is associated with improved cancer therapies and diabetes too!

If you are suffering, start taking this miracle product now (1 daily for prevention, 2 per day for minor problems and 4 per day for serious problems.

MediHerb®, an Australian company, is a leader in herbal products for health care professionals in the United States. MediHerb’s success is fueled by an unwavering commitment to delivering premium-quality, effective herbal solutions for optimal patient outcomes.

Professor Kerry Bone, MediHerb Co-Founder and Director states:

“Our genuine passion is to continually uphold the benchmark of quality, safety and efficacy in natural healthcare. This underpinned by our commitment to combine the time-honoured wisdom of traditional knowledge with sound clinical experience, the rigour of scientific research and power of education.”

 This is truly an exciting time in the field of nutrition and health, I for one will be taking Turmeric Forte forever.

Randy Schaetzke, DC

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