What Is Wholistic Medicine?

What’s the difference between “Functional Medicine”, “Integrative Medicine”, “wholistic Medicine” etc?

Not much actually. All of these look at or for the cause of your symptoms from the view of how all your body’s systems function together. As a chiropractor I have the added ability to look for how your nervous system is interacting with your endocrine, gastrointestinal, respiratory, lymphatic, immune, urinary system etc.

I’ve been treating the entire body from a structural, chemical and psychological perspective since 1977. Vitamins/supplements and diet are just one aspect of treating the entire person.

The reason I began using nutritional supplement way back in 1977 was because I was seeing patients that did not heal well. The old-time chiropractors I use to go to would vigorously adjust you and you held your adjustments quiet well.  Fast forward a few decades and you find that most people do not hold their adjustments. There are a few mitigating factors:

  1. Diets and food sources have deteriorated. Food is not what it used to be.
  2. Stress: the average person has had so much stress accumulate over the years, there is no way the body can function as it was designed.
  3. Lack of exercise and sedentary life style. We drive and sit too much
  4. Health care today is not health care. It’s illness care.
  5. Sleep issues: Our society is wired to get by on little sleep and this takes a tremendous toll on one’s body.


Over the years I’ve taken hundreds of hours in vitamins, herbs and diet. Still more hundreds of hours in how to read between the lines (or tests) as to what is going on with a person’s health.

In seeking to get at the cause or causes of one’s lack of health I use Applied Kinesiology as described elsewhere. And I use whole food concentrates, organ extracts, herbs, natural vitamins and minerals as well.

What I try to do is “feed” the body what it needs so it can then heal and recover from whatever the ailment is.

Testing: can be classic blood tests, inflammation panels, hormone panels, or digestive testing, X-ray, MRI, food sensitivity etc. all on a personalized approach.

It’s really not about the symptoms you have, but rather why do you have those symptoms. I listen to patients quite closely and this combined with the applied kinesiology and other tests leads us to the “why” and what to do about it. If I need to collaborate with other professionals I will. My purpose is and has been to “create an environment of health and happiness”.

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