Does Your Heart Pound at Night?

Heart pounding is a sign of the heat muscle not working properly in fact it is working too hard! The basic situation is one of improper vascular tone. The heart is pumping so much that you can see your chest move and you may feel this into your head as well. This may be due to a combination of apparent reasons such as hypoglycemia, food allergies or low blood pressure. But these are not the real reasons. In fact you can take all the drugs, heart vitamins (CoQ10, vitamin E, hawthorn, tocotrienols) and nothing will change.

The fundamental cause is……a B vitamin deficiency. But you say, “I’m taking a B complex and a one-a-day vitamin, how could that be?” The reason is that synthetic vitamins are not the same as natural vitamins. Show me where you find 25 or 50 mg of vitamin in nature? You can’t, it doesn’t exist. Mother Nature makes vitamins in foods in the amounts of .5-2mg’s of a vitamin. And yes, these do work differently than the synthetics. But they do work. Now don’t expect to take a couple of vitamins for a week and expect to correct a deficiency. You symptoms may improve but you should be taking a good low does of the various B fractions for 3 months.

Of course changing your eating habits and watching your stress levels will help too. Sugar, alcohol and stress and a diet devoid of nutrition are the primary reasons do develop a deficiency of any type.

Randy Schaetzke, D.C., D.I.B.A.K.

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