That’s not a Cold its MOLD

This summer in the Upper Valley has been a banner year for various species of mold. With all the rain, humidity and heat the conditions have been ripe for mold growth. Numerous patients would come and state, “I seem to have a summer cold”. On further inspection I can usually rule out allergy and start focusing my attention to mold.

Lately mold has been receiving a significant amount of press. And rightly so. Mold can be responsible for a mile sniffle to chronic upper respiratory distress. If it is in your house you had better take steps to handle it. Mold, being opportunist fungi will grow typically in damp basements and even under the surface of coverings. New methods from Germany use a cleaver electrical current to repel moisture from concrete walls and more efficient dehumidifiers also help. But it is all around us outside too, and you can’t get away from that.

Individual differences make one person susceptible and others seemingly immune to mold. Yet there are relatively easy steps to correct your environment and still other nutritional protocols that will stop make you less vulnerable to the organism known as mold.

There is more to this story than you may think. Mold is a serious menace.

Randy Schaetzke, D.C., D.I.B.A.K.

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